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Coming Home Realty with Carla Braddy

Coming Home Realty with Carla Braddy

Real Estate

About Us

Real estate office kindly specializing in buying and selling residential, commercial and mountain properties.
Our Mission:
Kindly Matching People to Dreams.
At Coming Home Realty, we believe that people’s homes are sanctuaries of connectedness and renewal. Our commitment is to authentically listen to and learn from our clients while offering our skills, knowledge, and network to match them to each other to sell, buy, and rent their properties, all with an attitude of respectful kindness flavored with positivity.
Our Why:
We believe that working in the world of real estate is first and foremost about being in relationship: with our colleagues, with our clients, with the community. It should be a fun and significant journey for everyone. While we meaningfully nurture you through the process of either selling, buying, or renting a property, we share your excitement and minimize your frustrations. It is our job to have attention to detail so that you can experience the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of making a profitable deal, or a mutually beneficial exchange. We are a service business, and we work for you.


Carla Braddy, Cell: (719) 289-5616
Ashley McDermott Malcolm,  Cell: 303-330-7896
Kristi Meyer, Cell: (719) 315-1814
Nick Sartori, Cell: 719-406-4056
Kathryn Johanna Nabors, Cell: 719-290-3546
Dawn White, Cell: 719 271-8889
Della Rieger, Cell: 719-429-7288
Kari Hitner Cell: 575-650-9169